Difference between HTML and HTML5?

Let's explore feature of HTML5 that were not part of HTML

One of the major difference between HTML and HTML5 is; later supports video and audio whereas in HTML, Adobe Flash plugin was required to play multimedia on website. Other differences are

  1. HTML5 added support for Geolocation API to identify user however user permission is required to enable same
  2. HTML5 added support for multiple storage options like application cache, web storage, local storage etc. whereas HTML used browser cache as temporary storage
  3. HTML5 sockets allows full duplex communication between client and server whereas in HTML communication between client and server was done through streaming and long pooling as it doesn’t have socket support.
  4. SVG support is added in HTML5 whereas in HTML5, external plugins were required.
  5. In HTML5, support for Web Worker threads was added which allowed worker threads to perform tasks independently without interfering with the user interface. In HTML, JavaScript and user interface are running on same thread which lead to performance issues.

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